Scotty, have a FCA Chrysler 200C AWD. Just bought the car and the dealer put on bottom of the line what they get in bulk I guess tires no name from ROC, with 80% tread left 3 days after buying the car i ran over a inch barrier that I’ve ran over before tons of times in my last car with 19” 40 series.

So I got a flat tire go to NTB replace the tire am driving home hit a pothole filled with water thus making it invisible and at 25mph hit that and instant blow out. All four are 235/45/18. So far I replaced 2 with bottom line NTB brand tires but I’ve never seen this happen with tires before. I’m towing my motorcycle to Florida for Leesburg Bike Festival and should I replace the other two tires before the trip? Have you heard of 2 or more defective tires like this. Both tires looked like someone took a huge knife to the sidewall. Thanks Justin from Philadelphia.

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I would, their bulk tires are total crap