SCOTTY happy bithday in advance!
Many thaks for your videos, and sharing your knowledge with us, and good luck finding moderators.
Maybe you can give me a hand on my wife´s accord.

She has an Honda Accord ICTDI 2,2 year 2006 with 200,000 miles,
these car is very well care maintained, the engine is strong an smooth,

After turn the ignition ON
1- Engine service light, Immobilizer, VSA, ABS go ON and after few seconds go OFF. Normal operation
2- Glow plug light goes ON and after 5 or 6 seconds goes OFF. Normal operation
3- Battery, Oil and parking brake lights go ON and stay ON. Normal operation
4-After crank engine immediately starts and after 1 or 2 seconds engine die, if you press the gas {diesel} pedal a little during crank you don't loose any start, engine goes to 1500 rpm and then go back to 800 rpm and everything goes fine, car works fine without any issues. In other words you can not start the engine if you don not press the gas pedal. Apparently there is not any difference between cold or hot engine start up.

In my humble opinion IN A NORMAL OPPERATION, after start RPM will stabilize around 1200 and after warm up, will descend to around 800 RPM. It seems that these is NOT happening.

Any suggestions would be grateful

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Scotty, good morningn and many thank for your prompt reply. I will try to change the fuel filters and pray, next week arrive my OBD scanner. Best regards.



well, those are computer run diesel systems, VERY complex. ONLY a honda pro mechanic with a dealer scanner can figure out that problem. Only thing you could try is change all the fuel filters and pray they are clogged