Scotty & friends; Re: 2017 Fusion Energi <25k miles Was having intermittent brake issues; at least…


Scotty & friends; Re: 2017 Fusion Energi <25k miles

Was having intermittent brake issues; at least 3x brakes failed to engage. At direction of Ford Customer Service, had car brought to Ford dealer (not from where purchased) by Ford roadside assistance.

After a few days, service manager called; nothing wrong with car. Claimed that tech diagnosed, inspected and road-tested.

Car was brought to independent mechanic. This mechanic found 13 error codes. Mechanic stated that pedal drops to floor, pedal fades and nose dives. Mechanic pulled all wheels. L/F caliper pins were dry. Mechanic corrected and brakes are now fine at $180.00.

Brought the matter to service manager at dealership. Service manager’s response, “Dry caliper pins are a maintenance item which should be addressed with whom ever has been performed [sic] said maintenance on the vehicle. Lubrications and adjustments are not covered under any warranties offered by Ford Motor Company.  The receipt which was provided to you when you retrieved your vehicle is the only documentation available to you”.  Service manager’s response is nonsense as he did not address the tech’s failure to diagnosis the problem whether it is a covered item or not.

All that said, at this point I do not care about reimbursement for the $180.00, but I believe the service manager lied or is tap-dancing around the issue.

Can I be provided as to how to have the matter properly addressed by Ford? Ford’s customer service is like playing whack-a-mole.


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T: Thanks! I plan to contact the dealership's CEO and Ford customer service again. All the best. R


The fine line that Dealers tread separating their Warranties' fine lines from "Good Will" is what has earned them the reputation as "Stealerships." If you feel you've been cheated, talk to Dealership's Owner. Tell them, "Talk to me or to the State Attorney General, for I will report you. You choose." If you find ANYONE at that Dealership who cares, you will get your $180 reimbursed (at least, I know I would.) Sadly, Toyota Dealer I bought my 1991 pickup from offered "lifetime oil changes." (Never said if it was my lifetime or the Toyota's!) Religiously took it in for "free oil changes" until the day they CHEATED ME 1-Qt. Never went back! That Dealership went out of business. I'm still kicking AND still own that Toyota. That swindle led me to return to my former practice of DIYing my own oil, as I still do. Go back to the Dealer. You'll find someone who cares. You must be persistent as they are ***MASTERS of the "Bum's Rush."