Scotty desperately need your help. Have a 2005 Acura el. 220k km. Heater and defroster when on cause temp gauge to spike. When turned off will return to normal in few minutes. Dealership check car for 5 hours, said everything is fine. No oil or discolorization of coolant. Dealer suspects head gasket leak causing air to enter system giving false reading of over heating. There recommend to not repair and drive as is until car dies. No other problems with this car. No one can say this will fix the problem. Should l take a chance and fix the old or should l buy another used car. l don't have a lot of money to purchase another car, very stressed and confused.

Appreciate any help, thank you.


buy aother used car, those engines become money pits at that age anyway. Get a toyota, old ones still last a LONG time if taken care of