Scotty, congrats on 200 mill views. So here my problem. I have a friend with a 2009 Honda Accord 4 cylinder.
He has a missfire on #2 and #3, Crankshaft position sensor code and random missfire code, also large oil consumption. I already replaced the crankshaft sensor, Spark plugs, and checked the coils using your swap tech. Still have the same codes. Checked battery, and checked timing. looks good. Could it be the VCM? I heard they were sued over that. I was pointed to the VCMuzzler II.

could be, but more often it's a blowing head gasket. do this check first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA7KVQq9vKA

yep, that’s the last thing in my list. compression test time. Thanks Scotty.