Mike here. Just finished replacing a worn crankshaft pulley with a breaker bar wrench and using your method of propping it up against metal body or bracket of car... great advice and worked like a charm (no impact wrench needed)! I put it all back together with a new belt and problem solved, but now I have a new one... the car sat for so long (approx. 3 months) that she cranks/turns over, but won't start.
In the Haynes manual, under the troubleshooting header of 'Engine hard to start when cold' it lists:
1 Battery discharged or low (battery is fully charged, so not this one)
2 Malfunctioning fuel system (seems to be OK because you can smell the gasoline)
3 Faulty coolant temperature sensor (this one I replaced because it was giving a hot reading on the dash from a cold engine when I put the key in the ignition and it went away after I replaced it) or intake air temperature sensor (this one I haven't replaced yet because I have to order online, if need be)
4 Faulty ignition system (not sure why this would be a problem as the car was running fine when I discovered the bad crankshaft pulley)
I've tried using some spray starter fluid to start (following the directions on the can), and close, but no cigar! It's a 1998 model so it's got an exterior fuel filter (which I haven't changed yet), and injectors. What do you think might be the problem and the logical next step to test/repair/replace?

PS- liked the video on the wind speed gauge... ROFL at the part about the cat!

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sitting that long, try a donor battery first, and if that doesn't work, then try my video "fixing a car that cranks but doesn't start up"