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Hi Scotty:

I've watched your video on repairing a front axle fluid leak which made me think you're the guy to answer my question.

2003 Saturn LW300

transmission fluid leak

There doesn't appear to be any leaking when the car idles, 10-30 minutes. The problem leak begins when I take the car for a drive. I've wiped the underside numerous times but still can't pinpoint the leak - the axle joint is wet with fluid but I can't say for sure this is where the source of the leak is. Takes between 15-30+ miles for the 'service engine' light to appear - not the CEL.

Does this sound possible, leaking only when the car is driven?

I'd have to take the car to a transmission shop for repair if that's the case.

I suppose I should ask if you know of any transmission leak sealant which might help.

Thanks in advance,


Gloucester, MA