Run Flat vs Non Run Flat Tires

Being that newer cars dont come with spare tires, I'd like to get your thoughts on run flats vs non run flat tires

Hello Scotty,

I’m a huge fan, I’d love to get your thoughts on run flat tires vs non run flats on your next podcast or video. I have used a Mercedes 2014 CLA 250 base model that’s FWD at 20,000 miles. Also it came with a mixed set of tires and I have the following

2 - Pirelli Zero Nero AS 225/40-R18 (original tires from manufacturer) on the rear


2 - sumitomo htr a/s p02 225/40-R18 on the front

im assuming that these are run flats, but how can I be sure, is there something universal that I can look for on the tires?

Thanks in advance


I hate run flat tires, they cost a fortune and don't generally last all that long driving in cities. Contact the manufacturers to see what tires you have now, by law they have to tell you