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Hey Scotty:
Working on buying best fuel injectors for my '96 Ford, CrnVicLX, 281cid, Windsor V8, SOHCs => Ive done a lot of research and found it nearly impossible to identify the OEM LBs per HR Capability - seems like it might be 21LB HR for stock.

Every time I have to replace something on the car [bought Ford Tech Manual and Car new in '96] I try to upgrade where possible.

Ford Racing has a publication stating that my CrnVic with its 3.15" MAF can support as much as 30LB HR at 43.5psi [maximum 425HP], without problems in idle or flooding. I realize that more has to be done to get that increase in horsepower, but; I am wanting to install Accel 24LB HR at 43.5 injectors [p/n 150824] that is indicated as able to support 385HP at 43.5psi maximum increase [by Ford Racing] - this is classified as a 'Plus Level 2 Increase'.

So, what do you think!? I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this.

Been working on my own engines since my Honda 160, in 1970, and got some education in college, but; this calculation looks like some of the complex physics in mechanics. I really have not been able to figure this out, exactly.

Thank you! Roland

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computer cutoff was at 129, not 139 - 136 is as fast as Ive ever driven anything, including my old Kawasaki Z1 900


I appreciate your response.

This car is a highway cruiser, not quick, but it gets 30mpg at 75mph - and when new, we got to run it around the test track in South Florida where the computer cut off at 139mph!

Have to remind myself that the current injectors have lasted since March of '96, not a bad run for any engine parts!

So, now I just need to be sure of what OEM LB HR is for FORD Injectors on that engine. Just because I have it in my head that Holley, or possibly Accel Injectors may be more desirable.

It easily cruises at 70 to 85 when the tires are balanced.

Thanks again, RM

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


upgrading requires more than just putting injectors on. computer would need replacing as a 96 is not a reprogrammable computer in most cases. To make em run right, it takes a lot of mods and a guy with a 5 gas analyzer and dyno.