Hey Scotty, love the videos. I have a small Rear Main Seal Leak on a 1997 Pathfinder SE V6 4WD thats approaching 200k miles. I actually had a transmission issue about 4 years ago where I had to have the planetary gear inside replaced. I don't believe they changed the rear main seal even though I had requested. I believe it is the rear main seal as the leak is between the transmission bell housing and engine.

I saw one of your videos recommending At-205, so bought one at advance auto and added the bottle to the engine oil. However, I read some people have had issues where they claimed it removed some lining (or paint/coating) from the oil pan and it clogged the engine. I also saw it doesn't work well with teflon. I don't know if any engine seals contain that. However, I trust your experience and judgement, and added it to oil. Just a bit worried now.

I know some of the other additives contain petroleum distillates that cause seals to swell, which is not always good. This doesn't contain that. How does At-205 work on the seals to stop the leaks?

How long does this usually take to work and see results? After I added it this morning, I did some highway and local driving a few times. And also drove it back this evening.

Do you think this will damage anything inside the engine such as other seals? Would it make the leak come back worse if it does go away or cause other leaks? Should I add a bottle to every oil change? Right now I use Mobil High mileage advance fully synthetic 10w-30 with mobil filter.

Appreciate your advice and help. Thank you