Right so I have a 2003 Honda Accord I've changed out distributor throttle body and still I have the same problem car will crank for about 5 seconds the camera on perfect on idle for about 30 to 40 seconds then it just dies I thought maybe a blockage in the exhaust system so disconnected the exhaust from under the engine but still have the same problem what happens is the car will die on its own after 30 or 40 seconds but it's soon as I Give It throttle gas petrol whatever you called it completely dies what could be the problem would it be a fuel filter will there be a fuel pump would it be fuel injectors fuel is getting to the engine I know it is because I listen to the nut on the fuel line going into the engine so I know that you're going to the engine really really need some help

on those, often a bad distributor if it still has one and not coil on plug ignition. see that a lot. if not that, those are KNOWN for faulty ignition switches