Hello Scotty and community,

Sorry for the long massage. I really need your opinion on my situation. please help! This is the first time that I buy from a dealership, and I do not know that much about the car registrations and plates.

I came to TX temporarily for a few months to do an internship and my car broke down here. So, yesterday I bought a 2014 Camry se with 25K miles from a Toyota dealership. Now, I want to drive it back to Minnesota (where I go to school) in the next few days. I already mentioned all of my concerns to the dealer and the dealer said it is all OK if I buy the car and drive it to Minnesota before receiving the texas registration card and plates in my current texas address. The dealer gave me a temporary plate and they made sure that I insured the car for full coverage (as I have a 15K loan for the car). Dealer also gave me "Buyer's Tag Receipt" and mentioned to keep it with me in the car. The dealer told me to change my address on the USPS website before moving out to Minnesota. The dealer mentioned I am good to come back to Minnesota now, and texas registration card and plates will be sent to my new address in Minnesota that I provided in USPS change-address website. Since I will be living in Minnesota for the next year and that I already have the Minnesota driving license (not TX driving license), I want to register the car in Minnesota ASAP. I asked Minnesota DMV, and they said I need the Texas registration card to be able to register the car in Minnesota.

I think it may take a few weeks before I received the texas registration card, and I am a bit worried about all this registration and plate related topics. The dealer told me that this is a common thing and I should not be a worry at all about it. What do you think? Am I overthinking it? I really do not want to get in trouble with the registration and plate issues.