Pedro Castaneda

Where I live, 20w-60 is used in brand new cars and 0w-20 is for my aunt's sewing machine and Airbags are a luxury option

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I'm a young mechanic just starting in the business (professionally), I am a certified technician as preventive and corrective automotive maintenance BUT... I live in Mexico and Scotty, It's a whole different story, I've been in the States to get my ASE certificate. Mexico has a different market, we have different vehicles and a different culture about being a mechanic, a brand new car with 0 miles on it, the owner will immediately change the oil for SAE 20w-60 conventional because they think that the thicker the oil is, it's gonna have a better protection and a longer life... I know they're totally wrong but it's the whole country against my word, Even if that means that someone else is going to have to rebuild those brand new engines within a short period of time. We have cars that the US market will probably never see, like the Nissan Tsuru, or the Chevy Spark with only 1 airbag and crank window lifts, or the Chevrolet ''Chevy C2'' etc...

A ton of mechanics instead of replacing parts they INVENT their own fixes like nails and wood screws and steel wire, rubber bands, I have seen everything from bottles of soda as reservoirs up to a dodge distributor soldered to a volkswagen camshaft just to convert it to electronic ignition and for me that kind of stuff is a nightmare that I have to deal every day...

What do you think I should do in this place? should I just keep their game so I can get the most out of my customers? or should I do my job as supposed to be the right way recommended by the manufacturers? Aftermarket is very limited, There is a ton of different parts stores and Autozone does not have everything except for direct replacements that are usually more expensive and does not come with lifetime warranties like they do in the US because that would affect the local economy for the small independent parts stores... Getting tools is hard and expensive, Fuel is more expensive than ever before thanks to PEMEX and our defective goverment. I don't know what to expect from this journey.