I need advice for my CHEVY CRUZE

Hello Scotty,
I have a 2012 CRUZE with 1.8L engine (no turbo charger) and manual 6 speed. Purchased it new and it has under 50K miles.
First of all, I would like to know, your opinion about this car (although we know the bad reputation of CRUZE). Do you think if I properly maintain it, can I hope to go for 200K miles.
Second, can you kindly tell me, what I do to properly maintain it. I always change the oil and filter, every 5K miles, with fully synthetic "Mobil 1" oil (in my house garage). But I am not sure, about any specific thing.
I am an engineer of high frequency electronic systems and I don't mind to take a greasy tool and do things but, indeed I am not a mechanic.
I will be very happy to have your advice specifically, for this car, in the hope to keep it for many years. Specially that GM has changed many things about service interval for this car (several items).
Third, any idea, about when to change the timing belt (I guess this is interfered engine). I called the GM dealer and once I was told 50K miles and once told 90K miles.

Here is the list of the things I have done so far (anything else is original):
  - oil change (air filter, cabin filter, ....)
  - brake & clutch system completely flushed at about 30K miles (I used DOT4, instead of DOT3)
  - gear lube change around 35K miles  (the interval & amount changed a few times, by GM).
  - tire rotation & balance every 5K miles

Any advice, is really appreciated.

Thank you

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Very good Questions About CHEVY CRUZE you shared in this post. When I use I found many great ways of learning. It is good to share your ideas and the information you have with the others so that they can use it.

dirty dan
dirty dan

No way that will eventually make it past 200,000 miles, just pray and try to keep up with maitnence and many you will get lucky

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


they are pieces of junk, no way will it make it to 200 thousand without serious problems from my experience. But, change oil a lot, keep the coolant clean, and baby it. Pray a lot too