question: looking for a easy to fix and cheap car

I'm looking for a car that is easy to fix, not very expensive and very reliable; preferably a not very old model

Greetings from colombia.

in the next few months I will get married, and although I always had a motorbike ( very easy to fix) it is time to buy a car; I never had one so I'm looking for help; Excuse my bad English, I barely know a few expressions.

Thanks for your time and attention

If you're looking for something reliable, I'd head in Toyota's direction. Corollas and Camrys are very reliable, and you can generally find them fairly cheap used, if you're willing to get one made a little over a decade ago. I dunno about easy to work on, though.


Also, for the record, your English is perfectly fine =)

Definitely go with Toyota or Lexus (which is Toyotas luxury division of cars). I bought my self a 2000 Lexus es300 used for 3.2k$ and have had great success with that car.


Any non hybrid Toyota (because hybrids are complex and very expensive to fix).

toyota no hybrid or electric..just plain toyota