Question concerning my 2000 RAV4s transmission

Having transmission problems after driving longer distances

Hey Scotty!

I drive a seventeen-year-old Toyota RAV4 (122 miles) with a 4-speed
automatic and overdrive. In the last couple of months, the transmission had
some problems after driving longer distances (more than 70miles). For example,
it only starts in 2nd and not in 1st and when
it starts in 1st the 2nd gear jumps out while driving. Interestingly after 2-3 days the
transmission shifts normally again. But as soon as I drive longer distances the
transmission starts shifting badly and roughly. I could imagine that there is
something wrong with the ECU, but I’m not sure.

Did you ever have a similar problem on your/customers car? What do you
suggest me to check/repair?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer!

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Thank you Scotty!



see that all the time, try having toyota reprogram the computer and pray it works. if not, either computer or tranny will need replacing. Good luck