Should I Get Into Project Cars or Cars in General or Will I End Up Wasting My Time, and lose Interest Please Help.

As I get older I bother to ask myself should I work on cars or is this a stupid idea that comes through my head. anyways the main reason why I'm asking this is because i want to get into fixing cars but i don't know where to start. A thought was I should buy a project car that way I know how do just simple / basic things like Change Oil, Transmission Fluid, Tires, Brakes, etc.... but then I thought where are you going to store it? while working on it... and does the car have parts that are easy to find? (OEM, Junkyard, Aftermarket) or is the car one of those types where parts are super hard to find and or they are really expensive...? or is a Project Car a big waste of time and Money, the most common figure of speech I hear of owing project cars is "You'll Spend More Time Working On It Rather Than Driving It" which is true but this is for the experiences or knowing how to work / let alone fixing it (Without getting charged Insane amounts of money by spotty or shotty or those stingy mechanics who think they know how to fix your car, but really they don't.) enough to where it becomes a "Dependable Daily Driver". for me when i look for a vehicle I look for a few things like:

  1. Does it Start/Run/Drive
  2. How hard is it to find parts for that particular type of car
  3. When owned by the Previous Owner(s), how often was Maintenance done or was it left in a barn or backyard left to rot and rust way
  4. What type of car is it (Sedan, Truck, SUV, Sports Car, etc...)

For me it honestly does not matter how fancy it is or how many bells and or whistles it has, all I look for is can it go Run and Drive or go in a strait line or can it stop and backup without needing help... or am I just wasting my time with some stupid idea...?

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With all that said and done, I want to know how to fix cars but I just don't know where or how to start.any ideas?

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often just wasting your time, sadly. Pros do that for a living and it's a hard path to follow as an individual