Problem with my 2011 Malibu. I turn the key and don't hear the fuel pump "charging". I go to start it. It tries to start but doesn't turn over. I pop the trunk and open the Relay fuse panel. I push down on the Relay fuses and panel in the trunk. I turn the key, hear the fuel pump charging. I try to start it and the car starts. I just started doing this a couple of weeks ago. This problem has been going on for the last couple of months. I have had the fuel pump changed, wires going to the fuel pump fixed, and a new battery. Most of the repairs were done by the Chevy Dealer because the guy I usually go to didn't know what the problem was. He told me it was bad gas. The Chevy dealer charged me A LOT OF MONEY and still didn't fix the problem. Can you please help me. Thank you.

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the wiring and or relay needs fixing in that area if pushing on it starts the car