Praying for you guys in Texas are you flooded? Is that affecting you? If so disregard this question is not even important compared to that so don't worry about if you are safe and still answering questions here's my question,
I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu V6 I have a major leak coming out of the front tire driver side Tire all inside the wheel rim and pouring on the outside soaking the tires it's pretty bad and my brakes go to the floor because I'm losing brake fluid I have to add it non stop. I don't know if it's from my caliper ( I'm not a mechanic maybe Shadetree woman mechanic lol I fix everything myself on my car I have basic knowledge ) because the bottom is wet the top half is dry but I'm losing brake fluid left and right when I run out of brake fluid in my cruise control shuts off I want to make sure that it's not nothing with my cruise control that's messing up? I'm not quite certain what it is? I'm hoping it's something simple because I've already fixed the problem thanks to your videos LOL by the way it's not the flex hose I did check for that none of the brake lines are leaking either... prayers for Texas I hope your and your family are all safe!!

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watch my video I just put up on the floods generally callipers or leaking brake hoses cause that. I have a video on callipers coming out tuesday morning. Watch that