2006 Ford Taurus no crank no start.

2006 Ford Taurus no crank no start and odometer is all dashes

Okay so I believe I may have overlooked something but believe it to either be the wiring harness itself or the PCM but I’ll go over everything in steps.

  1. I was driving the car briefly after pumping gas and all power to the engine cut off. I saw my speedometer drop to zero and my RPMs slowly going down. Pulled off to the side of the road and waited a bit to try to start back up. Turned the key to the on position and my led said “Low Oil pressure”. Decided to try to crank it but no sound at all from the starter. Not even a click. Got towed home let it sit overnight. Next morning still wouldn’t crank. Dash lights still come on though.

  2. I swapped out the starter relay to see if that could cause the no crank the next day but no change. Pulled out my test light and saw all fuses under the hood were good on both sides except for the passenger and driver side cooling fans but to my knowledge that wouldn’t cause a no crank no start. Hooked up a wire to the relay socket with my test light and could get the starter to run and saw the starter going and determined the starter and wiring through the relay socket were good.

  3. Tried starting it in neutral just in case but no change. Noticed my led is dim but also my odometer is all dashes. Hooked up my OBD2 scanner and couldn’t get any connection to the car’s computer so I couldn’t pull any codes.

  4. Checked my grounds and all appeared to be good. Cleaned them off just in case. Hooked up a jumper wire to the negative terminal and the other to the engine block as well to see if I indeed had a ground issue. Went to try to start the car but absolutely no change.

  5. At this point I’m suspecting a PCM issue as when I ran the car’s system check as well, I could see low oil pressure but also other things like charging system data error and the system not knowing if my gas cap is on among other things. I know not everything would go to shit at once and know there’s either an issue with the wiring harness or the PCM itself has gone bad. If my car’s dash can still detect if my car door is ajar or not would that lean more toward a suspected short rather than the PCM going bad? Checked my fuses and they all appear to be fine under the steering column although they were a pain in the ass to pull out. What should my next steps be? I’m not going to give up. It’s not my main car but I also don’t want to junk it over something trivial like this. The engine’s still great and turns freely when I used a cheater bar to turn the crankshaft, the alternator was replaced back in February and is good (tested it just in case at the store), and my battery’s indeed still good too holding a charge that has more than enough power to turn over a starter. I know I’m close but want advice on where to go from here. That PCM was placed behind the firewall and looks to be a pain in the ass to get to.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


Start with my video that Gina car that cranks but does not start up. The computer is the last thing to try after checking everything else