PLEASE - The 2007 Kia Rio runs smooth but is now difficult to start, especially when the engine is hot and has been driven for awhile or has simply been started one time. I replaced the spark plugs and cleaned the spark plug wells and am now going to install a new starter and am searching for the fuel rail to install new fuel injectors. When the Rio will not start again after the engine was recently started, I disconnect the negative terminal for the battery for a reset, which usually results in the engine starting after 3 turns of the ignition key. I have replaced the starter relay but cannot check the fuel from the fuel port because the Rio may not have a fuel port and I cannot find the fuel rail. The fuel does feed fine after the engine starts. During the non-start ignition key cranks, the engine will flop-whoosh like out of time and sometimes the starter will make a whining sound, but then after from 3 to 20 ignition key turns, the engine will start. There is not any black or white exhaust smoke. I used HEET to remove water from the fuel. Acceleration is still sluggish with the newly installed spark plugs - Bosch instead of the OEM brand that is NGK. (Handy Mechanic Tip - use masking tape or clear tape to hold the bolts in place on removed parts such as in the holes on the coils that are above spark plugs. There is tape over the bolt in the part that is above the spark plug wells in the picture.) Thanks to you, Scotty Kilmer, for offering advice.

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first bosch plugs stink in those, go back to oem. And those cars are notorious for wiring failure on ignition and fuel injection system wiring near the engine, check that

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