Please help!!

I have a 2004 ford freestar that has been giving me a lot of issues lately. History: 6months ago it got an oil change a new spark plug battery and alternator bc they wore out. Last month the car started to resemble that same struggle for power when accelerating or going up hills and that issue finally resulted in the car breaking down on the side of the road after sputtering and dying out one night. I had a friend come check it out once towed to my house. He said it had thin waterlike transmission fluid and filled that up. He said my oil is dirty and i need an oil change soon but if i add a quart and check it in 1 week and change it in 2 weeks it'll be fine. He was very wrong. It is NOT fine.

When the car started to break 6months ago the lights all came on engine light battery light some exclamation in a circle light and then when the car broke down this last time it was the exact same way with the lights. My oil light came on both times too btw. The day the guy added fluids last my car started to make smoke when it heated up like after an hour of driving on the highway or 30mins of hills or so. The smoke is thin and grey and i cannot tell where it comes from bc as the car cools and comes to a stop i can't see it anymore by the time i pop my hood even while it is running. I was told the smoke is probably just fluid burning so to checj the fluids again.

First i checked the alternator and the connection bolt part was burnt somehow and loose. I tightened it and it improved greatly but the car sounds are getting worse since the fluids were added. It's puttering and my new transmission fluid is brown and total crap. And my oil is low and dark.

If i change my oil and trans fluid and replace their filters will the sound and shifting troubles stop? Computer readings 6months ago lean fuel and power issue. Computer reading now is low fuel pressure issue.

The oil is a dark brown but doesnt smell or feel bad. The transmission fluid freaks me out bc it's dirt brown and slipping and i can hear that popping and puttering from that area while driving and shifting gears... automatic 3.9L 2004 ford freestar

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really, it's time to say goodbye, those vehicles at that age tend to fall apart. Transmission, the weakest link, is certainly going out, and engine is probably rather worn too. If you want, do a wet and dry compression test of the engine, and if that shows severe wear,get rid of it and buy a Toyota this time and such problems will be in your past.