Please help, as I am at a loss.
I have a 2009 impala, my ABS, and traction control lights are on, on the dash but I can read on the screen that the car says the TC is off...?
My check engine light is on and it says to replace my crankshaft position sensor, we replaced it and the light is still on showing that the crank shaft still needs to be replaced...?
I just got my oil changed and every now and then my screen says the pressure is low and the oil light comes on...?
Lastly the screen says that my engine is too hot, but the needle that tells you the engine temperature on the dash, says it's freezing cold, and it turns my AC off, the engine feels cool also.

more often if crank sensor does not fix that problem, you have a worn timing chain, check that FIRST> that can cause all your problems

Thank you