Please do a show about good car parts! Brake pads and shoes


Recently bought brake pads for a 2007 Mustang ONLINE.

Recently bought brake pads for a 2007 Mustang ONLINE. I have purchased parts from this big auto part site before without a hitch. I chose a mid priced brake pad. At about $7 i got what I paid for. Never doing the bakes on this 2007 Mustang before, I noticed the pads had little wires in the package, not attached to the pads (well two wires were the rest were loose). After taking off the passenger side unit I noticed how it was all assembled. The wires (used as a spring) pop onto a little rivet. The old pads and wires were solid built and popped out easily in all one piece. The new ones the little wire springs would not stay in place and kept falling apart. At this point I am thinking this is not a good set up as if it fails now what about when I am driving? I take the steel plate shim loose from the pad take a pocket knife and peel paint away from the rivet. compress the spring slightly to snap onto the rivet nice and tight, after it coming off a second time I took a micro file ( I have a set of tiny files a triangle shaped one worked best after trying to use a half round/ flat and half moon file combo). This was frustrating as my 20 minute brake pad replacement became two hours of frustration. The old pads still have life left. I bought these to fix a squealing noise as I thought they were worn out. Not sure if I should change them back.....