Piston Slap?


Does my Lexus have engine troubles?

Hey Scotty, This video isn't mine, But my dad has an es350 just like this one, And when started on extremely cold mornings (about 15-25 degrees) It makes a tapping noise just like the es350 in this video, I've heard the 2grs are noisy engines but i'm concerned about the tapping noise it makes. It goes away when warm though. I was going to put in full synthetic Castrol and see if it helps with the cold starts.

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Madman, this is Normal don’t sweat it. My moms Avalon has the 2GRFE and makes the SAME exact noise, either cold or warm. The car is great, showed it to the Dealers tech and he said that the 2 GRFE is know for piston slap because of the way it was designed and told me not to worry.



try the oil and pray it works. if not, engine is wearing internally and pray it goes away in the summer and still lasts years longer