Performance Exhaust for Modest Man?

Should I replace leaking mid-pipe and mufflers with a performance exhaust strictly for quality of parts?


Thanks for saving my wife and me lots of money with your videos! We have a 2010 Subaru Impreza 2.5i Premium with a rusted out flange joint between the y pipe and driver side muffler such that you can see through (see picture). It is loud. Passanger flange joint almost as bad. We live in a city with 125 inches of snow per year and heavy salt. Need to replace mufflers and Y pipe together, cost for OEM parts is $1,100.

I would love to buy OEM because I believe in well-made, quality parts but I also believe in saving money. I noticed that a Borla S-Type performance exhaust is much cheaper than OEM. Is it wise to buy a performance cat-back echaust from Borla on the grounds that it will be higher quality than other aftermarket parts (Walker, NAPA, etc)? I am not a car-mod type of guy and I certainly don't want an obnoxiously loud car but I do want parts that will last in our snowy and salty conditions. Thanks for your help.

well, If it has the same flow as oem, that's fine. But if it flows freer, then computer would need recallibration by an expert to make it run correctly

Thanks Scotty, that makes sense. Appreciate it.