Overfill oil engine

I asked a mechanig for an oil change and he overfilled it

So basically that, he changed the oil and put 4 liters, when the manual says 2.7 liters, he and every mechanic says my engine should use 4 liters... who should I trust ? even the dipstick shows is overfilled but for them it's ok.... will it damage my engine ?

My car is a Nissan Sentra with a QG18DE engine.

give me the year of that sentra and i can look it up by year and what it holds on my data system


It's a 2004 1.8 sentra, the base model i think

got any info about it scotty? thanks

Those sentras use a very small amount of oil. You should never fill it up past the full mark on the dipstick though because it could cause the seals on the engine to blow!