Astra j high pitch noise
Astra j high pitch noise

My 2011 Astra j 1.7 cdti started making this noise after going over a pot hole at 100km/h with the wheels straight. Didn't make the noise right after, it too...


Opel astra j strange noise after hitting pot hole at 60mph

Hey Scotty, Thanks for making these videos, I absolutely love them!

I hope you can help me with a problem I have that started after I hit a pot hole at 60mph, 3 months ago. It started with a higher pitch noise on the right side after about 50km and then it stopped. The day after when I went on a long trip it only started making the noise at around half way to my destination. I noticed the noise got "activated" when I entered long left curves at high speed and the car was leaning on its right wheels and then it would keep making the noise no matter what curves I took, until the car went below 10mph. Since I took the pot hole, 3 months back, the sound got louder over time and the pitch got lower (as in the video). The pitch and loudness is the same no matter what gear I'm in (even in neutral), what speed the car has and it only interrupts when going over small indentations in the road or if I break. What do you suspect it could be? The car was taken to a service center and the guys there told me they found nothing wrong. The wheels rotate freely and with no noise and they don't jiggle. They even took it for a rid and the car didn't make any sound. Brake disks and pads were changed last year on all 4 wheels.


I. Radu