Is it worth buying an old European sports car? Or just save the money for something more worthy and reliable.

Recently I've been looking into old sports cars or blasts from the past as they say and I stumbled upon many models and makes of hundreds of vehicles. However I stress on the fact that most of these old sports cars are European. I am worried of what type of a project it could become. I have seen the videos on why not to buy European cars but I don’t think many will disagree with me when I say if you're going to buy something that will only depreciate in value why not buy something worth the money. Many will strike up the thought of maintenance and repairs or gas mileage. Which I’m fine with, as I do love DIY maintenance jobs and small repair jobs even if it hurts with fuel bills. But the fork in the road lies here, as sometimes these cars require a massive repair job. And I do not want such a burden put on my shoulders. For example one of the cars I'm looking into is a 2005 BMW 6 Series 645Ci Coupe with 59,590 miles and a 6-Speed Manual transmission. But I've read some of the complaints about this car were that the catalytic converters destroy with time and their cells get to the cylinders. It causes scoring in the cylinder blocks thus causing damage to the engine or that the valve stem seals become worn and you begin to lose oil. These can be fixed but I don't want to fix such things and then find out a clutch needs to be replaced and etc. If you'd like to see the car that I'm speaking of here is the listing. Any thoughts or advice will be deeply appreciated. And on that note, have a great day

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you got to go to the 80's, the golden age for BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche.



euro cars are old money pits not worth buying, I'd never touch one. Here rich guys lease em and get rid of them before they fall apart