Hey Scotty,

 I’ve got a 1936 ford with an 85 hp ford flathead v8. It was rebuilt maybe 20 ish years ago and has never had any problems in its life time, but was just given to me as the new owner. Its just recently in the last 2 years it’s been having trouble. When you accelerate after slowing down or coming to a stop it coughs and chokes and loses power and struggles to get going. Even if you put the clutch in and try to get the rpms higher it still coughs when the clutch comes off but eventually clears out at about 3000 rpm regardless of what I do. I’ve had to get out and push start it so many times because it’s died when it started “coughing” We’ve rebuilt the carburetor (had it cleaned and rebuilt by a guy who specializes in these old carburetors) we’ve changed spark plugs and changed the oil regularly. We also changed the points in the distributor, took the intake manifold off, had it sand blasted/ chromed and cleaned, new gaskets, as well as rebuilt the fuel pump just recently and doesn’t have more than 5 hours of run time on the new points, carburetor, intake manifold and fuel pump. Do you have any ideas on how to help?