OK so yesterday I woke up to my car being completely dead we were staying up in the mountains where was cold I had to get my truck jumped started and then nothing works Excelerator didn’t work at it we went to limp mode I turned it off turned it back on and then everything was working fine but none of my gauges work so my temperature gauge my fuel gauge my battery gauge and my oil pressure gauge plus my front windows won’t go down my locking mechanism to lock the car won’t lock I have to do it all manually the back to windows will go down but not by the controls of the front it is a 2003 Chevy suburban 1500 5.3 4 x 4 vehicle. I’m not really sure what to do in this situation I need some insight and the radio stays on but won’t produce any sound and it stays on constantly I feel like I’m gonna have to unplug it so it’s not running off of my battery

well, a really low battery will do that, i would just replace the battery and pray that's the only problem. if not, check the alternator, weak ones do that, and the body control module that ultimately runs all that stuff