Ok Scotty - I'm about ready to drive my car out to you! You addressed this once before... A/C ISSUE!

Here's a summary.
AC Went out > Compressor / Rec/Drier REPLACED ($1400)
3500 Miles
AC Went out > Compressor / Rec/Drier REPLACED (warranty)
(dealer "ate" the above $1400 plus my $2400)
LITERALLY DROVE IT HOME AND PARKED IT < 200 miles traveled from dealer A/C WENT OUT!!!!!

From Cold start (sitting 12+ hours)

I cranked the engine, moved the car 5 feet on to my driveway from the yard, went inside, came out, pushed the A/C Button and
POW POW POW POW i heard popping metallic breaking sounds....10 seconds later came hot air.....

I have spoken to Steven at Denso - HE BLAMES "too much oil" in the system. and improper installation...the dealer not to anyones surprise is pointing to my MechMan Alternator which according to the manufacturer is using a Stock Toyota Voltage Regulator. The vehicle does have "specialty equipment" for work including a battery isolator and 0 gauge wiring to a power inverter in the trunk but NONE OF THIS is interacting with the A/C Compressor.... Mechman says no way. Denso says Yeah maybe once in a blue moon if the alternator emits some sort of EMP Burst but that would disable more than your compressor.... but it's probably an oil or bad install issue

PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I've tried calling Toyota's 1-800 number to file a Grievance but they seem to side with them.

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I would not trust guys who said they changed out everything unless I saw the parts . IF all of them, from hoses to condenser to evaporator to compressor to drier to expansion valve were not changed out, metal in the system will continue to cause problems. I doubt the dealer actually replaced every single part, because then no problem would exist. People tend to lie when they pay for the repairs, realize that. And if dealer did it free, then their mechanic got paid little to nothing and he may have lied about what parts he actually did change out. See that ALL the time.