Oil change when driving on short journeys

Should i change the oil sooner when driving on short distances?

Hi Scooty. I recently bought 2009 VW golf VI with a 1.4 TSI engine (90kW). I am doing a lot of short journeys (around 5 miles in one direction) as my work, store and gym are pretty close to my house. So the car is driven daily but usually on short distances. I do occasionally (mostly weekends) go on a longer trip (20+minutes of driving). Based on the manual the synthetic(5W40) oil should be used and changed every 10.000 miles or 12 months. My question is should i change the oil more often because of my short trips? I heard that on shorter trips a water can come to the oil which is not good? And as far as i know the engine that i have is needing a good oil because it is chain driven and also turbo charged? I usually do around 8000 miles per year.

Sorry for my bad English. This is not my main language.

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I would change it every 6 months then