My engine burns oil. What can I do to reduce the oil consumption ?

Hi Scotty,

I have a 2006 Toyota Blade (Japanese Import) It has the 2AZ-FE engine. The engine consumes oil, about a liter every 2000km. I've tried different grades of oil, thinner/thicker but no change. I put Morey's oil treatment for one service and that did seem to slow it down the oil burning a little bit. Now I did some research, and according to the Toyota Japan Website, this car was under a recall for oil burning because of "When driving such as to decelerate without stepping on the brake from the medium to low speed region is carried out, the negative pressure in the intake pipe and the combustion chamber is held high, so that the engine oil is sucked up to the combustion chamber and oil consumption" -(translated from the website). Now I am aware that North America had a recall for a similar issue. Not sure if its for the same reason though.

Some people suggest that a clogged PCV could be a problem. I checked the PCV valve and it seems alrght, but when I checked the vacuum by disconnecting the hose from the PCV valve when the engine was running, the engine RPM dropped alot and was about to stall. Is this normal ?

Is there anything else I can do/try ? What would you suggest?

Very much appreciate any advice.

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live with it, those engine burn oil from original owners not changing the oil enough then engine wears. Change the oil every 5 thousand miles with syn oil, 3 thousand with conventional oil on that engine