Non-working SRS AIR BAG, and HORN: Suzuki Grand Vitara 2001


Problem with SRS AIR BAG warning and horn non-working

Hi Scotty,

you helped me last time with back wheel bearings.

2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara (FT,GT) 1.6 i 16V (3 dr) (94 Hp)

Now i need to ask you, because you are real mechanic only i know.

All was working fine, but last 2-3 times i run the car, AIR BAG warning, is stay after i start engine.

First time i saw the problem, i restart engine OFF/ON, and AIR BAG warning lamp dissapears.

But next day after start engine, AIR BAG warning light stay. I try to restart engine, but always warning light stay.

After i put the key and switch ON, AIR BAG warning flash 6 times, then stay ON.

Also after this, my HORN stop working too. But before was working.

I read the diagnostic manual, but i don't have Suzuki's special tool to meansure AIR BAG wiring without activate it.

I think, it's some bad connection inside stearing wheel. And i need to ask: can i dissasemble it to check all connections without damage or activate AIR BAG? It's disconnecting negative battery is enough?

I check my AIR BAG wiring and saw that, it's different than other brand cars. Don't have wiring under seats. All wiring is in the stearing wheel desk. I check the AIR BAG fuse - it's ok. Checked other fuses under wheel - all seems ok.

If need i will dissasamble all i can and will make a video.