Noise coming from sunroof area of a brand new Honda HR-V EX

We bought a new 2018 Honda HR-V EX a few months ago, and even from day one, I noticed a tapping sound coming from around the sunroof area on the way home. Initially, because it was a cloudy day, it sounded like large rain drops hitting the roof (metalic sound), however, it wasn't raining.

I contacted the dealership and had them check it out, and they said they looked into it and there's nothing they could do, however, they lied (I have front and rear dashcams installed, and after waiting in the lobby for 2 hours, the dashcam recordings revealed they did absolutely nothing at all with my vehicle for this issue). I spoke with a manager about the lies and he rescheduled another appointment.

For this appointment, they gave me a loaner for three days, and although they did take it out, they claimed they didn't hear anything (even though my dash cam recordings recorded the technicians stating that they heard it). When they told me how the technicians said they couldn't duplicate the sound, I took one of the service personnell for a ride to hear the sound and he admitted hearing it. When we returned, he got the two technicians to go on a ride with us with me driving, and they all admitted hearing it then, but then they turned things around by saying they cannot help me because I installed a front and rear camera with the wire running over the roof (their ignorant irresponsability is disgusting, because little do they know, I ran the wiring under the door wells, not over the headliner!). I spoke with the head service manager this time about the issue, provided the dashcam footage to him for viewing (and hearing), and pointed out how his so-called best technician even made the comment "since the owner knows how to do so much with this f&%#ing car, he should fix it himself". As a result of my request not to have that service technician (who the manager said was his best technician) work on my vehicle any more, the manager told me he would look into this issue and have another specialist work on my vehicle, and he will contact me with a plan. That was about 4 weeks ago, and I haven't heard anything back from anyone since.

I'm an industrial maintenance mechanic myself, not automotive, but I've learned a lot over the years, and one thing I've learned is that it's almost impossible to find automotive service centers with mechanics that can be trusted. As a result, when mechanical issues develope with my vehicle, I've continued to build my own automotive knowledge by researching and learning how to fix issues myself. For major issues, I have my cousin who owns his own garage, and who I do trust.

With that said, does anyone have and idea what could be causing this metalic tapping sound?

The sound occurs at any speed (even 5mph through an extremely smooth parking lot where I don't feel any bumps). It appears to be resonating from behind the sunroof on the passenger side, but I cannot pinpoint exactly where. If I hold my hand firmly against the headliner, it has no affect on the sound occurances or tone. I've reached up and placed my fingers all over where they can reach up there while driving to try and pinpoint the source, or stop/dull the sound, but I cannot locate it. Furthermore, the sound occurs whether the sunroof is fully opened, popped up, or partially open (no effect on sound occurances or tone).

I will contact the service manager at Lehigh Valley Honda again next week, but quite frankly and to be honest with you, I don't trust them any more. I'd much rather fix this issue myself with ya all's help if we can figure this out, because I don't want their uninterested, uncaring, and unprofessional technicians messing up anything in my car while trying to figure out this issue.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


honda doesn't make em like they used to. Make a video of it making noise, drop it off, show em, and make em fix it period. They obviously made it wrong