ur fan

As per our previous conversation:
I told u that I have translated and dubbed some of ur vids and you asked me for a link...
the vids are on Youtube, I'll put a link to them at the end of this conversation.
I am a cars person w/ bachelor of mechanical engineering and have been following you for about 10 yrs, pretty much of a big fan of Scotty! I have always believed that people of my country should get to know you and take advantage of your informative contents so I decided to step forward and translate some of your vids and believe it or not it ended up w/ tons of people asking me about you and to translate more vids of you.
I even contacted you about this a year a go here on Auto Maven to ask you to collaborate but u just told me that u weren't interested and if you want u can translate the vids( I guess you can find our convo in your archive)
My channel is not being monetized and I make no money on the vids. I have worked w/ an other engineering Youtube channel as their Persian dubbing partner ( don't want to mention this,but my voice is kind of popular in Persian market).
I am all ready to work with you and to be honest it would be a great honor to me to have the opportunity to collaborate with you.
I have some great ideas and if you want I can share them with u!
After all, if you don't want me to do this, I will definitely remove all the vids from my channel right away!
ur biggest fan