CEL comes on, gets 'fixed', comes back a week or so later

I have a 2014 Nissan Versa Sedan SV 1.6L CVT. For the last few months I've been having trouble with my CEL coming on, usually with the code P2103, which has to do with the Throttle Actuator (usually an electrical issue).

My husband and I have brought my car to two different repair shops now: The first shop figured it was just a wiring issue at first, and 'fixed' the wiring, noting that they were rubbing and grounding against each other, saying if the code came back it would probably mean we'd have to replace the Throttle Actuator. Well it came back, so we went back, and they replaced the actuator. A week or so later, CEL came back on, same code, so this time around we thought to bring it to another shop since whatever the first shop did obviously didn't work. This second shop we went to came from a friend's recommendation: they figured now it was either the throttle pedal position sensor, and if it wasn't that, it may be a bad PCM. The second shop has now replaced the pedal position sensor and everything was working well for a week or so AGAIN, but this morning the CEL has come back.

I've told my husband I did not have any issues that I had when it was P2103 when it came back this morning, so I think (and HOPE) it's a different code. I'm also thinking the CEL may be a 'fluke' and we should just clear it and see if it comes back if it is P2103 again. It's just a solid CEL; no flashing. Any advice? Thanks.

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cels on those are rarely flukes. More often on those, a failed main computer does that. Late model nissans are crap