Nissan Pathfinder/Hard Start

Pathfinder hard start when cold unless shift into drive and back to park.

Hey Scotty,

I recently purchased a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder S. As the temperature dropped it got harder and harder to start. Would crank okay above 30F but then when it got really cold it wouldn't start at all almost. I put a new battery, fuel treatment, and checked my cables. I did figure out I can get it to crank easily, when it's cold, if I put the vehicle into drive then back into park again. This only happens when it's cold. Any ideas on what is causing the issue?

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your transmission is starting to go out, the oil pump inside the tranny is weak, and won't build up pressure to move the vehicle unless you do that. You could try changing to full synthetic oil, that often helps some. but those have weak trannys