Hi Scotty.. I know you're not a fan of Nissan and their CVTs lol.. I have a used Pathfinder 2016 AWD, bought it from Texas Direct Auto few months ago with 35K now.. I became obsessed about its automatic transmission and I don't know if I'm having true issues or it's just the way Nissan CVT transmissions work:

  1. In winter morning (I live in Michigan), the transmission doesn't shift up to the 4th or the 5th even though the engine is half way I hardly drive more than 45-50 MPH (engine RPM is too high since the transmission is not shifting up) until the engine is fully warm, at that point the driving is 100% normal. That's why I have to start up the engine for at lease 10 minutes before driving in order to get it fully warm.
  2. I've noticed recently that there is a delay of about 1 second when changing the transmission from R to D and vice versa. It's like the car won't respond, and if I hit the gas there would be a slight bump before the car starts moving. However, this delay doesn't happen when shifting from N to D or N to R or vice versa.
  3. Do you recommend changing the transmission fluid under current mileage (ie more frequently than other vehicles), and do you recommend also changing the transmission fluid filter regularly in general?