New to your site and not sure if my last question made it or not. Going to re-post just in case. Not even sure where to go if/when you answer? Hey there, Bought the truck new mid 2006; was a demo model with only 6,000kms. I know have just over 611,000kms on it. Love this truck since owning it all I've had to do on it other than regular maintenance inclusive of timing belt (all pulleys, tensioner and water pump - done about every 160,00kms)are the following: alternator, right drive shaft, main driveshaft, and just recently, both front control arms, both outer tie-rod ends and both front wheel bearings. Please note, I've never had the valves adjusted and yes I know I should have and maybe I'm paying the price now. Now for the real issue and question: it's been blowing smoke on cold starts only and I suspect (hope/pray not piston rings) I have bad valve seals. I was wondering if you would recommend me changing the seals myself without removing the head ( I've seen quite a few videos with people either using the rope method or keeping pressure in the cylinder while changing the seals)? I just saw your video when you recommend using AT-205 Re-seal and will do that first before going forward with anything radical.

I still would like to know your answer to my question.

Love your video's very informative and entertaining. You make a lot of sense.

With thanks, Lorenzo

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What is make, model and year??