new model year?? 2019 Toyota Avalon

would you risk getting new model year Avalon?

My 13 year old, 130k car (05 Honda Accord AT) will need to be "retired" soon. It recently started burning a ton of oil (about a quart every couple hundred miles!) Yes I changed PCV and that made no difference and I always did my oil changes every 5-7k with Mobil 1 synthetic and the best filters, etc. At this point I feel like it's a ticking time bomb as check engine light was blinking a couple weeks ago and some other stuff is broken. Time to say goodbye... Thumbs down on Honda longevity!! :(
With that in mind I am very attracted to the NEW for 2019 Toyota Avalon Touring (with adaptive suspension, sport modes, and other of goodies). HOWEVER as you often say: NEVER EVER buy a redesigned model in it's first year! Only in this case I don't think I can afford to wait too much longer. I do not want to get the last generation due to all the great improvements out now on this model, (Apple Car Play, new style, etc etc.)

SO ..... what is your opinion on taking a chance this time with Toyota and getting the new for 2019 Avalon??? (which I understand uses the same powertrain combination that came out last year and debuted in the 2018 Camry).
PS - I also like the idea of the adaptive suspension they are using in the Touring trim (too bad they don't off that in Camry).


You can't go wrong with a Toyota, no matter what year model.


You'd save a fortune buying an Avalon model a few years older where the kinks got worked out-- Toyota has been producing Avalons in the USA since 1994. Should be plenty of selection in a late-model used version for you out there--