Never ending search

Searching for source of rattle is driving me insane!

HEy scotty,

Got a 2011 Mazda Tribute, 4wd, 2.5L engine with automatic tranny. Since last week, there has been an inconsistent clunking coming for under front left side(driver side). It's good new shocks/struts and sway bar links from august.... I have been working like mad trying to find out what was wrong. It really isnt the same clunking as it was when the shocks/links were shot, its a compltely different sound. I know i have a bad wheel bearing up front left, and i already have that part in my garage ready to be swapped, but surely this isnt what's causing the clunking issue...

Ball joints seem intact, the boots are in good condition and full of grease, and control arm bushings seem okay as well. There is no impact of drivability, no swaying, no rattle in the steering wheel, the car doesnt pull one side. It doesn't even do it over consistent events ie: driving over bumps or uneven terrain will sometimes make it happen, but it's not in sync with hitting the bumps.

Im stumped here... any ideas?

do this video to find the noise source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqh1oH8mEqY

Thanks scotty, i had already seen that video a while back. Unfortunately thats an expensive solution for me up here in Canada, was kind of hoping for a cheaper alternative.