Lexus 470 2004 without key , asking about

Hi Mr. Scotty Kilmer 

this is Dr.Sed from yemen sanaa.

i am one of your subscribed fans on youtube and i `m really loving your work out there because its reach of useful and brilliant information for all car drivers .

i need your help to tell me about this vehicle that i bought it for my dad from your country USA .

its Lexus LX 470 2004 ,i got it from copart auction but the key was not included so i couldnt see the mileage odometer because i was really afraid if its above 200,000 miles ... i wanted to get relax so i did buy Vehicle History Report from one of sites but i couldnt understand what all it does really means specially in odometer when it says in Aug 19, 2008 the odometer was 26,245 M and in Jan 20, 2012 the odometer is still  26,245 M but in Sep 27, 2017 the odometer is unknown and so on.

i really need your help to tell me about it, and from your expert tell me how is the car situation could be, and when i get it in here what is the very first things to do since it was parked for a long time like the oils and the rubber sealing of the engines ... etc.

BTW the repair cost and the lost key in my country are with a very reasonable costs .

with my best regards .


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Some people remove the plastic trim inside the cabin, at the bottom of the door jamb, to inspect the carpet hidden under there for prior water damage, as a way to determine if it's been flooded in the past. Investigating in that manner might give you some reassurance.



auction cars are generally auctioned because of problems, i would never buy one myself. But you have it, so take care of it and pray it wasn't flooded out where water damage will occur on the wiring over time