Need some advice on purchasing this used Honda 2017 v6

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Looking at this Accord 2017 V6 need to know if everything is alright.


Im looking at this 2017 Accord V6, Ive taken for a test drive twice its going for $29k CAD it has 5 year extended warranty bumper to bumper (finance take over) It has had a front accident based on the photo it looked minor but the claims history shows $6500 CAD in repairs, not sure if this is due to all the honda sensing sensors being replaced (sensor and airbag sensor as well) I also noticed a unusual wire gauge hanging from the bottom of the back bumper, as seen in the pictures.Driving it it seems fairly smooth but i noticed the shift from 0-20km is a bit harsh but then again my v6 08 accord never shifted the best either. (Car has a vinyl wrap on it as well should i be concerned?) Also the engine bay seemed a quite dirty (as seen in picture) is this normal for a relatively new car? (we live in decent weather)

Should I look around or is this a okay buy? Should I stick with V6 engines or go with I4 for the reliability?




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By the description, you are providing and I just look how dirty the engine is. No way I would buy that car. Too much money and especially it has been wrecked. They probably had to replace the whole front of the the engine like radiator, fans, sensors, etc. It has been wreck. Depending on how hard the impact was. The whole engine and transmission got a pretty good shake. Not good. No way. Don't buy that car.

dirty dan
dirty dan

I'd pass if it was in a wreck

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


first, go for the 4. second, never pay that kind of money for a car that was in a wreck where that kind of money was spent anyway.