Need help with P0300 2016 Mazda MX-5 (A)


Hey Scotty, I've got a 2016 Mazda MX-5 (A), and experiencing P0300 error code with it ever since Dec 2019 with mileage of around 45000 km. Car is stock and not tuned, have been giving it premium fuel right from the start. No usual symptoms of misfiring nor loss in power, even during hard acceleration. Each time after erasing the error code, check engine light would come back again, usually after a few days during morning cold start. When stopped at red lights, the car would sometimes jump once slightly (only once), and i noticed the RPM rises slightly to around 850rpm (800 rpm idle) during each jump. I've also seen the check engine light erase itself and the car goes back to running normal, but CEL would come back again after a few days. Been to at least 3 different mechanics and none could pinpoint the issue. (to be honest, it is hard to find a good and honest mechanic at where i live at). Changed spark plugs, swapped in coil packs and those did not solve it. Also did a compression test and the results seem to be fine. Battery voltage is good too. Saw your video about P0300 error code, going to ask my mechanic to do a fuel pressure test. Not sure if it is coincidence, but the P0300 issue surfaced after my car engine bay was detailed. Its really frustrating, so any help and advice would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance!