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first time writing you I have a 2103 ford focus st which had a check engine light for a p219a code . took car in to a shop and i was told o2 sensors were bad so had them replaced light kept coming on took it in to shop every time light would come on they ended telling me we don't know whats wrong with car to go on my marry way anyways i ended taking car to dealer was told fuel injector #2 was not working 100% so i replace all injectors my self and after that car started to misfire on cold startup until close loop kicked in also when i look at fuel trims . short term look ok but long term are sitting at +25% and the car drinks fuel like a big v8 even when i dont hit boost . I also relpaced spark plugs and coil pack on cylinder 2 dealer did tell me that cylinder 2 was having the issue .So at the end of day i have a car that i cant drive to far and enjoy any help would be appreciate and if your a dad happy fathers day . Omar

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


first, find a real mechanic who can analyze fuel injection systems. Yours is an idiot guessing with generic codes. Could be as simple as bad sensors you put on, or as bad as blowing head gasket. Find someone like me who cares, see me if you're near houston