Hey i want to post a question to Scotty aswell as to all the fans that tune in daily to hear this guys excellent advice. I have only recently stumbled apon this channel and tried to soak up as much wisdom as i can but i'm still uncertain. I currently own a nissan 1400 ute which has been endlessly reliable, the only problem is rust and it is starting to become worth less than the price of fixing it. After watching scotty's videos i decided to look for a camry. The car i found has the following specs:

Year: 2005
Model: 2.4 XLi Manual
Mileage: 82000km (51000miles)
Service history: Complete
Seller: Private
Price: R85000 ($4800)

Just looking at those things might make it seem like a good deal but i have some concerns over the body, Due to the coronavirus and lockdown i am unable to go and view the car but i spoke to a local car dealer in that are and he reported to me that there is a lot of scratches and a few bumps on the body aswell as a tear on one of the seats.

I am not a wealthy person and still young so i want this car to last me for those 400000 or 500000 miles that Scotty keeps talking about in his videos. Please advise.