Mysterious Toyota Maintenance Item

Mysterious required maintenance item required item every 15,000 miles on Highlander Hybrid

I own a 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid with AWD-i. Looking at the required maintenance booklet there's a required item every 15,000 miles - Re-torque drive shaft bolt. I've looked all over tying to find out exactly what's involved to do this but there doesn't seem to be any confirmed answer - a few opinions on forums - and looking at the Toyota Tech Site doesn't shed any light on exactly what to do. If you look at the non-hybrid Highlander with AWD it lists this item every 15,000 miles - Re-torque propeller shaft bolt (4WD). So are these two items related in any way? The hybrid doesn't have a propeller shaft but uses separate electric motor for the rear. Thanks

ignore it then, obviously a software glitch

Thanks for the reply Scotty. Not sure this is a software glitch as I checked past years of Highlander Hybrid's maintenance schedule as listed by Toyota and re-torque drive shaft bolt appears every year since first introduced in 2006. Also the same thing is required for the RAV4 Hybrid which uses the same rear electric drive system. Another source on the internet suggested it was to check the 30 mm rear axle shaft nut but this is listed at 217 ft/lbs and the nut has been "staked" so I wouldn't think it would somehow loosen up and need checking every 15,000 miles. Also there are two of these - one on each rear wheel - so not singular but plural plus why wouldn't they require the front axle nuts to be checked as they're the same design. Your advice to ignore is probably best as I'm willing to bet that Toyota dealers do the same thing.