My "you can't fix stupid" teenage driver has been causing self inflict


My "you can't fix stupid" teenage driver has been causing self inflicted repairs on a regular basis. There's obviously a reason that the major car rental companies have a 25 year old or older rule. While assuming repairs are abuse related, I need modern data to prove it. I am plugging in an OBD II monitoring device to let my car provide data to be able to prove that the driving habits have caused the problems and the vehicle didn't just have a normal repair. For a couple hundred dollars the device can be reused in any OBD II equipped vehicle and has a month to month monitoring plan so no long term contracts. I have done a lot of research as there are just under 500 options in this space and some lower cost versions with limited capabilities as many of the apps have (almost all better units are in the commercial electronic logging device for commercial hours of service regulation that was mandated for long range trucking). I am happy to share my findings if you want to do a video on the topic. I think an ounce of prevention and "busted" is easily going to save money over what most likely would create the need of a pound of cure. A number of OEM's are now inserting these devices at the factory.
I am guessing OEM's want to monitor warranty items for abuse exemptions. By utilizing vehicle data capture for critical event monitoring OEM's can provide proof of abuse. These plug ins provide real time engine data that a basic scan tool code reader provides as an added benefit and are accessible via web portal and some devices have both accelerometer and gyroscope built in which means the ability to monitor and even provide alerts for preset levels of hard acceleration, hard stops, hard cornering and other abusive driving habits and the level of abuse that cause things to break and lead to repairs . I remember back to the days my sibling was doing donuts (other word was used years ago) on the neighbors lawn causing all sorts of damage. (can you say a weekend of re-sodding) I know things break as anything mechanical can, but if driving habits are causing the repair bills to skyrocket it would be good to have the proof and take action based on captured facts and not false assumptions. Thanks